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  Your Organizational Change IQ Test  
How receptive is your organization to change?

New sciences, digital technologies and the web are changing the way we lead life on every level. And nowhere are these factors having greater impact than on the way we do business. As a result, organizations of all sizes and in both the public and private sectors are undergoing some of the most dramatic changes in their history. In fact, many are discovering that is no longer a question of if they will change, but how.

This free, easy to take, Organizational Change IQ Test will help you to better understand the specific challenges your organization faces and what you can do about it. It contains only 30 questions, but they could be your next step on the road to helping your organizations to better productivity, performance and profitability

The material rests on more than 25 years of working with hundreds of organizations and thousands of senior executives and executive teams. During that time we have found that resistance to change leads directly to a decline in performance, productivity and profitability. To learn more about the work behind the test click here.

Your Personal Change IQ Test - Find out how receptive you are to change and how prepared you are to meet today's challenges.

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