Say Yes To Change - About The Book

In this complex and rapidly changing world, it is no longer a question of if we will change, but how. In Say Yes to Change, George and Sedena Cappannelli, two of the country's leading corporate consultants and executive and personal coaches, take an in -depth look at "how." They identify a number of ways to experience change as a doorway to new opportunities and increased levels of success. They detail the importance of embracing change, of learning to treat it as an ally rather than an adversary.

With over 25 years of experience in the fields of organizational and individual change, the Cappannellis have worked with some of the most successful organizations in the world as well as with thousands of people in their public seminars. The result is Say Yes to Change, a book that identifies 25 keys to dealing more effectively and successfully with the many changes and transitions we face. Each key includes a series of easy-to-apply exercises that will enable the reader to embrace and profit from the many professional and personal changes life presents. These exercises, well tested by thousands of men and women, are designed to ease and inspire the reader into a more intimate and meaningful dialogue with him/herself. Readers can explore this personal coaching program at their own pace and in the privacy of their home or office. Specifically, this book will help to:

      • Improve personal performance - at work and at home
      • Develop greater intimacy and understanding with family,
         friends and colleagues
      • Set clear and achievable business and personal goals
      • Improve workflow and team performance
      • Establish a deeper, truer connection with oneself

One of the book's principle messages is that change does not have to be overwhelming. Nor do we have to lose touch with our sense of humanity or our connection with our loved ones. Instead, change can be experienced as an opportunity to learn, grow and live a more empowered, joyful and successful life. The book also explores the fact that although change is unavoidable, our experience of change is as varied as the beliefs we hold and the behaviors we practice. In short, according to George & Sedena Cappannelli, our ability to change is dependant on our willingness to identify some of these old beliefs and alter some of the habitual behaviors that cause resistance and result in missed opportunities.

Through a valuable set of new perspectives, motivational quotes and easy-to-apply life tools, the Cappannellis demonstrate that embracing change invites new opportunities and a whole new experience of life. Each step is explored in a short, easy-to-read chapter, and every chapter includes self-awareness and goal-setting exercises that enable readers to evaluate where they are in life versus where they want to be. By following the steps and completing the recommended exercises, readers will equip themselves with the tools to successfully meet and master life's many transitions and challenges with renewed confidence enthusiasm and joy.