Endorsements - Continued

"It is clear that our world is changing at an astounding rate and that every aspect of our lives and every segment of our culture is effected by this change. What is not yet clear is how well or quickly our society as a whole will adapt to this change. In the Cultural Creatives we identified an important and growing segment that we believe are not only ready for change, but committed to making it positive. We are sure that many of the Cultural Creatives will find value in Say Yes To Change. It offers some unique insights and some very practical wisdom that can help us make change our ally."

Paul H. Ray
Author of The Cultural Creatives

"Change! Change! We encounter it everywhere and at every level of our world. Whether you are a corporate executive or a private individual, your world is changing at a staggering rate. Say Yes To Change can help you to learn to accept it, flow with and benefit from it. Say Yes To Change can provide you with some powerful ideas and some very valuable skills you can use to create a wonderful life."

Robin Fisher Roffer
Author of Make A Name For Yourself

"George and Sedena have written a very valuable, easy to understand and yet dramatically effective book about the change process. As someone who has spent years in the study of self-esteem and the challenges of relationship, I know how important this subject is. I strongly recommend this book."

Catherine Cardinal, Author of
The Ten Commandants of Self-Esteem


George & Sedena Cappannelli
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